Hotel Garni Airone in Bibione: Open from May to September

The staff of the Airone Hotel in Bibione is at your disposal from the end of May until the end of September. This decision is justified by the fact that this is the best time to experience Bibione and the lagoon. Every month, they give visitors a completely different kind of holiday, which makes it possible to charm every tourist.
In May, the city is the ideal starting point for a visit to the surroundings, its artistic beauties and the excellent gastronomy. Both in June and July, Bibione is ideal for all of those who enjoy sporting holidays, where adventure, the sea and the discovery of the landscape are in focus. August is the month of liveliness, whether it be on the beach or at evening events in the city. For those who prefer relaxation and loneliness, away from the euphoria of the summer heat, September is the perfect month for a visit.

Hotel for Couples in Bibione: Why you should visit in June and July


Booking a room at the end of May or during the whole month of June at the Airone Bibione is the best time to enjoy the colors and authentic flavors not only of the charming city but also of its surroundings. Located on a lagoon peninsula, in May and June you can admire the blossoming Bibione and the vivid colors of nature.

The discovery of Bibione and its surroundings can start from the Litoranea Veneta – the waterway that was used in ancient times to reach Trieste from Venice – but also from the lagoon, made up of sandbanks and reeds, where you will find unique fish and watch birds in the area.

From the lagoon landscape you can get to the Casoni, the typical dwellings, which were built exclusively by fishermen from reeds and are still visible today.

The months of May and June are also perfect for organizing authentic and first-class gastronomic tours that combine the charm of small villages with good food and excellent wine. During this time it is possible to visit the villages of San Michele al Tagliamento and the fabulous Valgrande, to admire the impressions of the unspoiled nature, as well as the historical and artistic beauties in Portogruaro, Concordia Sagittaria or Sesto al Reghena. The best way to explore all the flavor of the lagoon is to follow the “Road of the Dogi Vineyards”: Only then it is possible to enjoy all the good that surrounds Bibione.

These months are also perfect for arranging romantic excursions aboard a boat along the canals of the lagoon, that way you can admire the beauty of spring in Bibione. In addition, you can always be pampered in the wellness center of Bibione.